Our team of caring professionals is devoted to you and your pets!

Karen was born in Nashua, but has lived most of her life and was educated in Manchester. She has two grown children, Aimee now of Springfield, MA and Jonathan who still lives in Manchester, NH. Karen is an excellent cook and quilter as well as an excellent veterinary technician. She loves her dog, cats and two grandchildren, reading, hiking and gratefully from all of us laughing. We can't live without Karen.

Maura has been with us since 1996. She was born in Manchester and has always lived in the area. She has five grown children so now shares her house with three dogs and many cats. Maura loves quilting, reading, music, dancing, theater, and outdoor activities. She is a self-professed obsessive gardener, but the truth is she is incredibly knowledgeable in the field. Her caring and concern for animals and people, if not already apparent to you, will be obvious the more you see her. She is married to our long-time friend and painter, Ron Pichette.

Nancy was born in Brooklyn, New York but moved to New Hampshire over 40 years ago. She has been a veterinary technician for many, many years. She is married, has two grown children and four grandchildren, three dogs, two cats, one pony, three ducks and eight chickens. Nancy enjoys working her Australian Shepherds in agility trials, Halloween, hiking, camping, and quilting. We really enjoy Nancy!

Angela was born in Massachusetts, but has lived in New Hampshire for her whole life. She has extensive experience in the animal field from which she has made her living for many years. Most of her experience has been with horses and cats. Angela likes to snow board and of course ride horses. She is a welcome addition to our full-time staff with her beautiful smile and her happy, dedicated-to-animals spirit. Angela is the happy mother of a little girl named Hazel and a baby boy named Gunnar, which keeps her even busier.

Sarah N.is also Dr. Mack's daughter. She is only here occasionally as she is a preveterinary student at The University of New Hampshire. Like her younger sister, Sarah is an excellent student. She is an outstandining artist and runner. Sarah is also an accomplished horseback rider, especially in saddleseat equitation. She grew up with horses, dogs, cats, and Drs. Mack and Lewis have given her a broad knowledge of all animals. It is a treat when we get to have her here.

Ally is a freshman a UNH. She is an aspiring veterinarian and loves playing soccer, horse back riding and hiking. She has two dogs and one cat.

Jessica is a Manchester native. She joined our team in November 2005. She has a dog named Philly and two cats, Jersey and Boston. Her daughter, Amelia, is almost two years old and keeps Jessica on her toes.

Talia has been a technician for 9 years. She is currently attending Great Bay Community College. She has a Husky named Mika and a rat named Ratniss. Talia enjoys watching horror movies, going on hikes with her dog and boyfriend, and spending time with friends and family.

Meghan lives in New Boston, NH and has a dog and four cats. Her interests include sports, being outside, and helping animals.